Maintain Your Aluminum Fence Looking Brand New

Cleaning Aluminum Fence

Once you get your new aluminum fence installed in Aruba you may find yourself gazing at it and wondering what you must do to keep it looking beautiful. Fortunately, you made a brilliant choice getting an aluminum fence and no other material.  Aluminum fences are extremely low maintenance. Therefore, keeping your aluminum fence looking brand new is very easy with minimal effort. We are going to share three simple steps to help you ensure your aluminum fence has a longer life looking at its best.

1. Easy Cleaning.

Cleaning an aluminum fence is an easy task, aluminum is a material very simple to clean. By only using water you can keep your aluminum fences in optimal condition. You could enjoy your aluminum fences and gates looking brand new for many years by only using water. The more practical way is using a garden hose. Use the hose to wet your aluminum fences and gates with water. Make sure you start from the top part, this way the cleaning will be easier and faster as well. For difficult stains, you may need to scrub, use a microfiber cloth. If you prefer a more eco-friendly option avoid the hose, in that case, you will need a bucket, water, and microfiber cloth. Simply pour some water into the bucket and wet the cloth on it, then wipe down each picket or profile, make sure you do it top to bottom.

2. Periodical check.

As you probably do with any of your home appliances, it is a good idea to inspect your aluminum fences regularly. It does not have to be that often, but consistently. What you should look for is any loose profile, broken hardware, or anything that starts to be uneven. An on-time repair of small potential damage will be cheaper and cause less damage to the rest of the aluminum fence.

Aluminum Fence Maintenance

3. Prevent damages.

Regardless of the material of your fence, you should aim to prevent damages, especially when they are indeed preventable. If you have aluminum fences in your home or business our recommendation is not to use any type of power washer to clean your aluminum fence, it could cause damage to the material and the paint of your aluminum profile. As well do not let any open gate, it will most certainly swing, particularly with the wind in Aruba, and potentially it could cause damage to the gate itself, fences beside it, the gate lock, and gate hinges could also be affected.

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Consider the investment you made by getting the aluminum fencing, keep it adding value to your property by proving it proper maintenance, keeping it clean, mainly when you are located near the beach, it is key to remove the salt carried by air with water.

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